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Get Rid Of Gophers

You might think California pocket gophers are only a problem during the spring and summer months, but gophers are active year-round in California. Gophers spend most of their time underground, digging tunnels and causing damage, and they tend to take up residence permanently - once you’ve got them, it can be quite a challenge to get rid of gophers!  At Smith's Pest Management, we offer comprehensive gopher elimination services for homes and businesses in the San Francisco Bay area, the Monterrey Bay area and the Wine Country. If you’re concerned gophers are destroying your lawn and landscape, reach out today!

When you call us, we’ll discuss gopher control options and our pricing structure, so you know what to expect. We’ll visit your home to implement the chosen gopher control plan and follow up as necessary. It may take 3 to 5 visits to successfully trap a gopher. If you choose our annual gopher control program, a licensed technician will stop by every other week to check your gopher traps and re-bait as needed.


Our Gopher Trapping Control Process

Smith's Pest Management receives frequent calls from people who are frustrated with the poor results they’ve gotten from using pest control companies for gopher removal. Getting rid of gophers requires a different set of skills than most pest control companies have – and we’ve learned that traps are much more effective than poison baits. We are able to work with those adverse to the use of toxins around the home, office, and schools, as our services are Healthy Schools Act exempt. Here’s what we’ll do to get rid of your gopher problem:

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Expose Gopher Tunnel

The first step in eliminating gophers from your property involves exposing a small portion of the gopher’s underground tunnel. Our pest control technicians will locate the tunnel, exposing a portion of it, and place a USA-made, professional-grade, stainless steel gopher trap inside the tunnel.

Mark Gopher Trap Location 

With the trap in place, we’ll carefully cover the hole and mark the location of the trap with small flags.

Gopher Removal

A few days after placing the trap, our pest control technician will return to remove the gophers from the traps. If needed, we’ll put more traps out to remove all gophers from your property.


Alternative Gopher Eradication Options

In situations where gopher trapping is a concern, Smith’s also offers carbon monoxide gopher removal. The use of carbon monoxide to get rid of gophers also satisfies the We’re Healthy School’s Act, making it a good option for schools and daycare centers. This method of gopher control involves a licensed pest control technician injecting carbon monoxide into the gopher holes.

Annual Gopher Program

To protect your property from gophers all year round, Smith’s annual gopher program is the best option. For a flat, monthly rate, a technician will service your property every month, checking traps and re-baiting as needed to ensure these critters don’t have the chance to inflict damage to your property. 

Commercial Gopher Control 

In addition to residential gopher control, we also provide gopher removal services for schools, city parks, businesses, vineyards, and golf courses. We’ll visit the property, develop an action plan to get rid of gophers and provide you with a quote for the service.


Smith's Gopher Control Guarantee

A gopher control guarantee may be available for your property – ask us for details.


Gopher Trapping vs. Poison

Smith’s prefers gopher trapping over the use of poisons. Traps get rid of gophers from your property and are a better option than poison for three main reasons:

  • Gopher trapping works faster

  • Trapping Is less expensive than poisons

  • Traps have no adverse side effects on the environment


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