What are meadow voles?

Found primarily outside, meadow voles are very similar in appearance to mice and are sometimes called meadow mice. They have small, compact bodies, short-furred tails, small eyes, and ears that are partially hidden. 

Meadow vole populations in California tend to spike quickly if not addressed. That’s because meadow voles are able to produce six babies every 30 days and those babies can start reproducing 30 days from birth. 

what a meadow vole in sonoma ca looks like

Signs of a meadow vole infestation?

Meadow voles chew bark, which kills trees. In fact, it should be noted that these two-inch pests can kill 30-year old trees, no problem. What’s more, these critters kill plants, chew holes in the lawn, and create unsightly and damaging above ground runs in lawns. 


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