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Get Rid Of Moles

Moles are small mammals that live entirely in the soil.  They eat grubs, worms, and bugs. Their big claws let them move easily through the soil as if swimming. As the moles tunnel under the ground, they damage grass roots and turn the grass an unsightly brown. Before you know it, your lawn will be covered in a crisscross web of dirt paths and mounds caused by moles moving just beneath the surface. Not only is it unattractive, but mole mounds can create tripping hazards and completely ruin your grass.

If you have a soft lawn, raised ridges of soil or big piles of dirt all over your yard – you probably have a mole problem.  For help getting rid of moles, contact the experts in mole control for the San Francisco Bay area; contact Smith’s Pest Management.


Our Mole Control Process

Controlling moles is primarily a matter of trapping them, but Smith’s also provides mole exclusion services to help reduce the number of moles tunneling into your yard. Here's how we get rid of moles:

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Phone Consultation Or Onsite Inspection

When you suspect a mole infestation, give us a call. We can often provide a quote after a phone consultation – but if circumstances suggest a larger problem, we’ll send a licensed pest control technician to your property for an onsite inspection.

Mole Trapping 

Smith’s uses mole trapping as our primary mole control method. We never use poison for moles. After inspecting the yard, we’ll discover the mole’s most active runways for trap placement, generally found in the straight tunnels of your lawn or around the perimeter of your yard. We’ll clean-out your existing mole problem and recommend our annual mole control program to prevent reoccurring mole problems in the future.

Mole Exclusion 

The size of moles and their underground nature makes it difficult to stop them from entering your lawn completely. While we do not provide mole exclusion services, we do recommend using gopher baskets and gopher wire to prevent moles from entering the property.


Mole Control Methods

Annual Mole Control Program

If moles are a recurring problem damaging your lawn, we suggest our annual mole control program. We’ll return to your property to help eliminate and prevent moles from moving in on a regular basis – so you can maintain a healthy, green lawn.

Eliminate The Mole's Food Source

Smith’s also provides grub control services for property owners experiencing mole problems. Moles primarily eat grubs as their food source, so if we eliminate grubs from your lawn, we can make your yard less desirable and drastically reduce the number of moles. Our grub control solution consists of a granular lawn treatment.


Mole Control Guarantee

A mole control guarantee may be available for your property, please ask us for details.


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