Monterey Bay Area Nuisance Wildlife Prevention Tips

In our Monterey Bay service area, we have some animals that can accidentally become pests. At Smith's Pest Management, we started as gopher and wildlife trapping experts, and this is still our specialization. We are familiar with the common pests in our area, such as gophers, mice, rats, squirrels, raccoons, opossums, skunks, moles, and voles. Today, we're going to offer up some tips to help you prevent wildlife from becoming a problem for you.

raccoon on a roof top


This is a big attraction for animals. If you offer food sources to the animals that come into your yard, you're going to have more trouble with them. There is one obvious tip we can offer: Don't feed the animals. Squirrels are fun. But believe us when we tell you that squirrels stop being fun when they get into your attic spaces. You should never put peanuts out for squirrels to eat. Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Properly manage your trash. The scent of decaying food can attract animals from a distance. Seal your trash in a covered container, remove trash weekly, and clean your receptacles to remove odors. Make sure that your exterior receptacles are secure and unable to be knocked over by an animal.

  • Seeds are an ideal food source for animals. If you have bird feeders, we recommend hanging them far from your exterior walls or removing them entirely.

  • Nuts and fruits are desirable food sources for animals. If you have trees in your yard that produce nuts or fruits, do your best to clean them up from the ground when they fall, and store the food source well away from your home.

  • Some animals eat bark. If you notice that bark on a tree is being nibbled, purchase skirts to protect your trees from damage (and to remove this as an attractive food source).

  • Certain animals eat certain shrubs, bushes, and plants. These animals can come into your yard to feed on your landscaping. There is no way to entirely hide the food from them.


Animals need water. If your yard provides a water source, this can increase your chances of having issues. There are many ways you can provide a drink of water to animals. Here are a few tips to prevent this from happening:

  • Remove objects from your yard that capture rainwater.

  • Clean your gutters and make any necessary repairs. This will prevent puddles from forming near your home.

  • Use irrigation to address areas where water sits on the ground after a rainstorm.


When an animal comes into your yard, it may stay if you provide a safe place to hide. Mice and rats will hide in yard clutter. These rodents, and several other common animal pests, will get into the voids underneath structures. Use these tips to prevent this:

  • Remove yard clutter and store objects away from your home.

  • Animals will hide in landscaping that offers coverage. In some cases, you can prevent this by trimming shrubs, bushes, and plants near the base.

  • You can protect the voids underneath structures by applying fence material. When you do this, be sure to install it at least a foot under the ground. This will deter burrowing animals from getting underneath.

  • Be aware that brush piles, woodpiles, and leavs can be a natural hiding place for small animals. Remove dead branches and leaves when you collect them, and store wood on elevated platforms to get them off the ground.

Entry Points

When mice and rats are the animals you're trying to manage, it is important to consider entry points that can allow them to get into your home. Do a detailed inspection of your exterior and fill in holes, seal gaps, and replace protective items, like weatherstripping and door sweeps, to keep rodents out.

When More Control Is Needed

If you address food, water, and harborage, you'll make your property less of a target for pest animals. This may be all you need for protection. But some Monterey Bay area properties have conducive conditions that are difficult to address. If this is the case for you, it may drive you to attempt to deploy pest control measures to address your problem, such as traps or toxic agents. We don't recommend this. This can end up costing you much more money—not to mention your time, your energy, and your sanity. It is far better to let licensed professionals handle wildlife problems.

Monterey Bay Area Wildlife Control

If your property has conducive conditions that can't be easily corrected, let the team here at Smith's Pest Management take care of the problem. Our trained and experienced pest management professionals use the most advanced wildlife management methods to inspect, trap, apply key control products, and monitor the success of the treatment programs we administer. Connect with us today to schedule service. We can help.


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