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Keeping Your Property Opossum-Free

You may be most likely to see opossums on the side of the road, but they occasionally move into neighborhoods and cause problems for homeowners. When they get close to your home, they’ll damage your yard while looking for food, expose your family to diseases and parasites, and damage your home while looking for shelter. If possums are causing problems on your property, contact Smith's Pest Management for help.


Opossum Control From Smith's Pest Management

We offer several services to remove the opossums causing you problems and prevent them from returning.

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Our trapping service uses humane live traps to catch and remove the opossums on your property. We return to your home daily to check these traps.

Habitat Modification

Removing the opossum’s food source is important in keeping these animals from returning to your property. We’ll identify the food source and, if possible, eliminate it to prevent future problems.


If opossums have gotten into your house, it’s vital to seal the points of entry to prevent them from getting back inside. We offer exclusion services to seal entry points. This service comes with a one-year warranty.


Because opossums can spread many dangerous illnesses, it’s important to sanitize the areas where they spent the most time. We will clean up droppings and disinfect the affected areas to protect your family’s health.

Insulation Removal & Replacement

If your insulation was damaged during your opossum infestation, we can remove the affected areas and replace them with new insulation. We offer both traditional and TAP insulation installation.


Protecting Your Home & Family

Opossums may look relatively harmless (if you don’t get a look at their teeth!), but in reality, they can be quite destructive and dangerous. If any have gotten onto your property or into your house, you must take quick action. Smith's Pest Management can safely remove the possums from your property and ensure they don’t come back. Contact us to schedule your service visit.


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