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Maintain A Thriving, Heathy Landscape For Your Bay Area Property

Your property requires a lot of upkeep to make it look its best and be its healthiest. Although there are many things you can do to ensure your landscape shines, there may be some landscaping areas that you don't have the time nor expertise to do justice. If that is the case for your property, Smith's Pest Management can help with our plant health care services. We provide a wide variety of services to aid the health of plants and trees on San Francisco Bay area properties.


Plant Health Care Services From Smith's Pest Management



When you partner with Smith's Pest Management, your plant health care service will begin with a thorough inspection to identify health-related issues in any plants or trees on your property. We'll look at your irrigation system, soil conditions, and plant health in order to determine the best prescription for your particular landscape. We'll also look for any signs of disease or deficiency, take soil and plant tissue samples to send to the laboratory for further analysis, and get a statement from you regarding the history of your landscape and what changes it's gone through. With this information, we'll make recommendations about irrigation system changes, how to improve growing conditions, and what you can do to enhance your yard's overall health.



We offer a variety of different treatments to improve the health of your plants and trees. No two plant health care services are exactly alike because we tailor your treatment plan to meet your specific needs. Your service may include any or all of the following:

  • Applying fertilizer and compost

  • Providing injection or spray treatments to trees and shrubs to eliminate pest problems and correct nutrient deficiencies

  • Amending the soil

  • Improving the irrigation system



After your initial treatment is complete, we recommend semi-annual follow-up services. These service visits allow us to assess your landscape's progress and make modifications if necessary, such as adding nutrients or compost to the soil.


Make Your Landscaping Better Than It's Ever Been

Many things can get in the way of your landscaping being its healthiest. Pests, diseases, fungi, and too much or too little water are just a few of the things that can cause your plants and trees to struggle. If you've noticed areas of your property that aren't doing well, Smith's Pest Management can help! Our comprehensive plant health care services will diagnose, prescribe, and treat your landscaping problems so you have a beautiful, thriving property. Contact us today to get started!


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