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Get Rid Of Rats & Mice

Rats and mice are common problems in the San Francisco Bay and throughout our service area.  We often get calls from property owners with rats or mice in their cars or RVs, chicken coops, landscapes, farms, and gardens.

Rodents are small and sneaky, sometimes you won’t see the pests themselves, but you’ll have evidence they’ve been in your home or facility.  You may notice droppings rats and mice can leave, hear the scampering noises in the walls, or see the appearance of gnaw marks.  Both rats and mice quickly reproduce and present significant health threats, so it is crucial that you take action at the first signs of a rat infestation.

For professional, eco-conscious rodent control in the San Francisco Bay area, the Monterrey Bay area and Northern California, Smith's Pest Management is the company to call.


Our Three-Step Rodent Control Process

To get your rodent infestation under control and to reduce the risks associated with rats and mice, Smith’s uses a three-step process that delivers effective results.

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Phone Consultation Or Onsite Inspection

If you’re having a problem with rats or mice outdoors, Smith’s will provide consultation and quote the service over the phone. If your rodent infestation is inside your home or business, then we will conduct an onsite inspection.

Our onsite rodent inspection involves:

  • Finding where the rodents are getting into your home or business
  • Examining signs of rodents (droppings, damages, gnawing, nests, etc.)
  • Determining whether you have rats or mice
  • Understanding the severity of your rodent infestation

Develop A Management Plan 

Based on our inspection findings, our licensed pest control technician will develop a management plan for effective rodent control. We’ll eliminate your existing rodent infestation and take steps to prevent a new infestation from occurring.

Implement Selected Rodent Control Treatment 

After sharing our rodent control plan with the property owner, our pest control experts will implement the selected method of control.


Rodent Control Methods

Smith’s relies on a variety of rodent control methods to eliminate rodent infestations and prevent rodents from infesting and causing damage in the future.

Rodent Trapping

Our interior trapping process involves carefully placed rodent traps that are out of reach of people and pets, but in areas that rats or mice frequent. For rodent problems outside your home or business, we use tamper-resistant traps that will capture the rodent but are safe for wildlife, pets, and children.

Rodent Repellents

Smith’s uses strategically placed natural repellents to repel rats and mice.

Rodent Baiting

Bait stations are useful for interior and exterior rodent control. While our bait is lethal to rats and mice, it is not a risk to people, pets, or non-targeted wildlife. We’ll place bait stations on the interior and exterior of the property. When rodents consume the bait, they die. Upon resolution of the rodent problem, our technicians will return to remove the bait stations.

Rodent Exclusion

While our team does not provide exclusion services to prevent rodent infestations, we highly recommend implementing exclusion measures, such as patching and sealing potential entry points.  

We’ll also make sanitation recommendations to reduce your risks for rodent infestations, including cleaning up trash or junk piles outdoors, removing old fruit, and eliminating potential rodent hiding places such as overgrowth and woodpiles.


Rodent Control Guarantee

A rodent control guarantee may be available for your property, ask us for details.


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