Getting Rid Of Gophers, Ground Squirrels & More For 10+ Years

San Francisco Bay Area, known for being the cultural, commercial, and financial center of the area, is home to a variety of neighborhoods, thriving businesses, and tons of activities. San Francisco Bay Area has something for everyone! But, unfortunately, “everyone” includes the gophers, ground squirrels, moles, and rats that live here as well. To keep these invasive and damaging pests off of your property and out of your home or business, partner with the local pest control experts at Smith’s Pest Management. For over 10 years, we have been protecting homes, businesses, lawns, and landscapes from destructive pests. To learn more about our non-toxic pest control services, reach out to us today.


Guide To Avoiding Yellow Jackets In San Francisco Bay Area, CA

At Smith’s Pest Management we do more than just protect properties from gophers and other lawn pests, we also protect people from yellow jackets. Yellow jackets create ground nests in the holes that gophers create in lawns. Yellow jackets prey on other insects, but also enjoy feeding on many of the foods we enjoy. These stinging insects can become a nuisance around outdoor eating areas.

To help you avoid problems with yellow jackets on your property, here is a helpful list of prevention tips:

  • Fill in holes in your lawn.

  • Remove excess debris from your property that yellow jackets can create their nests in.

  • Seal openings in the foundation, exterior walls, or roof line of your home.

  • Keep tight-fitting lids on trash cans and compost bins.

  • Keep outdoor eating areas cleaned up.

If you are experiencing problems with yellow jackets on your property, contact the experts at Smith’s Pest Management. We will quickly come to your aid and provide the yellow jacket control services needed to solve your property’s stinging insect problems!

smiths gopher trapping service trap for stinging insects in a tree

What Every San Francisco Bay Area, CA Resident Should Know About Moles

One of the biggest misconceptions about moles is that they are rodents. Moles are not rodents, they are a type of insectivore. Moles are garden pests that have the potential to destroy lawns and landscaping while digging tunnels through the soil to feed on snails, earthworms, grubs, worms, and slugs. They will also nibble and snack on bulbs and seeds.

Moles live almost their entire lives underground. This means you are not likely to see theses pest often, if ever. If moles are on your property, you will find trails or raised soil in your grass, molehills (soil mounds), and plant and lawn damage. If moles have invaded your San Francisco Bay Area property, contact the mole control professionals at Smith’s Pest Management. To learn more about our effective mole trapping and exclusion services, give us a call today.


Guide To Rat Control In San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Rats are a common pest problem in the San Francisco Bay Area area. Cars, gardens, chicken coops, homes, and businesses can all be invaded by rats. Rats cause a variety of problems including structural damage that can lead to fire and water damage, destroying inventory and personal property, contaminating food, and spreading diseases. To eliminate rat problems, we utilize a three-step control process that includes:

  • A phone consultation or an onsite inspection.

  • The development of a management plan.

  • The implementation of our rodent control treatment options which may include trapping, repellents, baiting, and/or exclusion services.

To keep sneaky and destructive rats off of your property and out of your home or business, call Smith’s Pest Management to learn more about our professional rat control services.


What Does Gopher Damage Look Like In San Francisco Bay Area, CA?

Gophers are a type of rodent that lives under the ground. They tunnel through the soil feeding on grass, plant roots, and bulbs. Gophers are highly destructive pests. A single gopher can cause significant damage to property.

If gophers are living on your property, you may discover the following:

  • Horseshoe-shaped mounds of dirt around your yard.

  • Patches of dead grass.

  • Caved-in areas in your lawn.

  • Damaged or dying crops and garden plants.

  • Underground pipes and cables that are damaged by their chewing.

If your property has been invaded by gophers, contact the professionals at Smith’s Pest Management. We will successfully rid your property of destructive gophers with our highly effective gopher control services. To learn the details of all our gopher control options, give us a call today.


Full-Service Pest Control Solutions In The San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey

As one of the most populated cities in the United States, San Francisco has plenty going for it. With world-class cuisine, arts, architecture, and industry, this city is a cultural center and an active hub in modern America. But with all this human activity, pests can thrive in the urban sprawl. That’s why every local property owner needs to know how to reduce their risk and respond to infestations properly. At Smith’s Pest Management, we can help you at every point in the process, from prevention to removal to planning for future protection. 


Are DIY Bed Bug Control Methods Effective In The San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey?

Most of the time, when we encounter a problem in life we try to take care of it ourselves. But when it comes to pests, there are plenty of reasons why this is not a good idea. For one, DIY methods often aren’t completely effective, and store-bought products you apply yourself can contain harmful chemicals. By the time you’ve put money and time into the effort, you’ll have wasted both on a solution that didn’t actually solve anything. Plus, some pests you need to be taken care of quickly and completely, like bed bugs. These parasitic pests can multiply quickly, meaning ineffective methods will just give them time to breed. Plus, they bite us in our sleep.

That’s why smart property owners turn directly to experts for bed bug control. At Smith’s Pest Management, we use safe and effective treatments to completely remove the population, from the grown adults down to the eggs that replace them. Avoid paying extra for a pest infestation by ditching the DIY and turning straight to the pros -- contact Smith’s Pest Management today.


Six Ways To Prevent Ants On Your San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey Property

Ants are one of those pests that seem to come from nowhere. They are small enough to find cracks or holes to slip inside through and, like most pests, they breed in truly staggering numbers. Attracted by the food, moisture, and shelter found within our structures, ants are one of the most common invasive pests in the world. That’s why it’s important to learn what you can do to prevent them and properly address populations as they pop up:

  1. Food Storage: Ants can detect traces of food from far away thanks to the chemical receptors in their antennae. That means proper food storage and clean-up are essential for preventing them.
  2. Trash Storage: You also need to pay attention to how your trash is stored, because ants can find plenty of smelly foods in your trash bins. Make trash cans are well-secured both indoors and outside.
  3. Moisture Control: Ants, like all kinds of pests, are attracted to moisture. Rooms, where it hangs in the air or pools along surfaces, are often hotspots for pest activity.
  4. Crack Sealing: With tiny invaders, no crack or hole should be treated as too small to be significant. Regularly check for and fix cracks or holes you find around your property.
  5. Inspections: The best way to make sure you’re properly addressing pest attractants is with guidance from trained professionals. Contact Smith’s Pest Management to schedule an inspection today.
  6. Treatments: The most effective way to keep pests from invading your property is with the protective shield provided by yard and exterior treatments. Contact Smith’s Pest Management to get started today.

Do You Need Bird Control Outside Your San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey Business?

Not everyone considers birds pests, but make no mistake, they can cause plenty of problems around your business. Their acidic feces can damage your roof and their nests can lead to problems with your utilities, like power and satellite television. But birds can also carry diseases, just like other pests. That’s why it’s crucial for you to protect your business from invasive birds. Here are ways that professional pest control experts, like those found at Smith’s Pest Management, can install bird control methods that protect your property:

  • Anti-Roosting: Experts can install anti-roosting features, which reduce landing areas for birds to rest on your roof or other areas. These can be non-intrusive and aesthetically pleasing to the look of your business.
  • Nest Removal: Pest experts can get rid of bird nests without disturbing the natural processes that are in place. We want them off your property, we don’t want to disturb their eggs. Removing nests also discourages birds from nesting there again.
  • Landscaping: The other way to reduce bird populations is to make sure trees or other yard features don’t encroach on your structures.

Smith’s can help you with this kind of guidance, so contact us today to get started on bird control for your San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey business.


Mouse Control: What Residents In The San Francisco Bay Area & Monterey Ought To Know

People usually only think about rodent control once they notice one skittering across their countertops, or after they see their droppings left behind. But early prevention is better than late reaction, especially with pests that are as common and dangerous as mice or rats. Rodents carry diseases and use their ever-growing front teeth to chew on anything and everything in sight. To protect your property from the damage mice can cause, you should get started on proper mouse control long before they have a chance to move in.

At Smith’s Pest Management, we can help with any step of the process, from inspections to make sure you don’t have a problem to timely removal of mice if you do have a problem. We can also help you with measures that prevent future pest infestations. So don’t wait, contact Smith’s Pest Management today.


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