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pigeons perching on ledge

Bird Control

Birds nesting in your eaves can cause structural damage to your roof, both by damaging the structure directly and by leaving acidic droppings that eat away at the building over time that are not only unsightly, but also a health risk. If you have a pest bird problem, Smith’s can help with our bird netting, bird spikes, and other pest bird deterrents.

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flea on dog fur

Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks may be small, but the health threats they pose are anything but small. From itchy bites to potentially fatal diseases, these dangerous parasites shouldn't be welcome on your property. At Smith's Pest Management, we offer a comprehensive flea and tick control program to eliminate these pests and the threats they pose.

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gopher with its head just out of the ground

Gopher Control

Gopher removal requires a different set of skills than most pest control companies have. At Smith's Pest Management, we've been getting rid of gophers for years and have the knowledge and tools needed to eliminate these burrowing pests. What's more, we use methods without poison and that satisfy the We're Healthy Schools Act. 

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ground squirrel on a limb of a tree

Ground Squirrel Control

There are few pests as quick-breeding, persistent, or damaging as the California ground squirrel. If you've discovered ground squirrels burrowing around your home or business, quick action is essential! At Smith's, we offer ground squirrel control services throughout the Bay Area and are ready to help you remove these critters. 

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meadow vole in a home in san jose

Meadow Vole Control

Meadow vole populations can spike quickly and then decline naturally. However, problems that persist will require professional trapping. If meadow voles are damaging your lawn or eating your plants, give us a call at Smith's Pest Management for effective meadow vole control in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area and Sonoma County.

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mole coming out of the ground in san jose

Mole Control

Have you discovered mole activity on your yard? If so, the best way to eliminate moles from your yard is to contact a company that specializes in mole control. At Smith's, we understand how tricky these pests are and have the tools, knowledge and experience to successfully trap and remove moles that infest lawns, public parks, and other grounds.

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raccoon in yard

Raccoon Control

If raccoons are coming too close for comfort, take immediate action against these wild animals by giving the experts at Smith's Pest Management a call. Offering humane raccoon removal services as well as exclusion work to keep them from re-entering your San Francisco Bay Area home or business, our pest management professionals can handle your raccoon problem.

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rat on a wooden table

Rodent Control

There are a lot of rats in the Bay Area including Los Gatos and Danville. In fact, we get calls weekly from property owners who have discovered rodents chewing car wires, insulation, and sprinkler pipes. Reports of rats damaging gardens, landscaping, properties, and even livestock areas are also prevalent. At Smith's, we offer effective rodent control to get rid of these destructive pests.

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spider crawling on bathroom floor

Spider Control

Whether you're dealing with one of the many nuisance, non-venomous spiders found in our area or venomous spiders like the black widow or the brown recluse spider, Smith's can help! While finding a few spiders is a common occurrence in every household, if you're seeing an overabundance of spiders inside, not only can it be frightening, it can also be a sign of an underlying pest problem.

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termites chewing on wood

Termite Control

Termites cause over $5 billion in property damage every year in the United States. Because they thrive in warmer climates, termites are an especially big threat to homes and businesses in the Bay Area. The best way to prevent a costly termite infestation is an ongoing termite control plan from Smith's.

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stepping stones overgrown with moss

Turf & Ornamental Services

Keeping your lawn healthy goes hand-in-hand with turf and ornamental treatments from Smith's Pest Management. With our treatments, we can protect your trees and vegetation from harmful diseases, allowing them to flourish and making your landscaping the talk of the neighborhood.

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yellow jacket foraging for food in san francisco

Yellow Jacket Control

Yellow jackets are a year-round pest problem here in the San Francisco Bay Area and one that has the potential to be dangerous. If you've discovered a ground nest in your lawn, the team at Smith's Pest Management can help by implementing a customized yellow jacket control program.

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