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Keep Smelly Pests Off Your Property

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of getting up close and personal with a skunk, you know about their awful, lingering odor. Steering clear of this black and white animal is always a smart choice, but if skunks start hanging out on your property, it can be close to impossible to avoid them. Furthermore, when skunks get onto your property, they can damage your building and expose you to illnesses. If skunks are causing problems at your California home or business, contact Smith's Pest Management.


Skunk Control From Smith's Pest Management

When it comes to getting rid of skunks on your property, simply removing them will not take care of the problem. At Smith's Pest Management, we take a holistic approach to skunk control, not only removing skunks from your property but also getting to the root of why they’re on your property to make sure they don’t come back. To do this, we provide several types of skunk control services.

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Removing the skunks that are present on your property is the first step in eliminating your problem. We use humane live traps to catch the skunks and relocate them. We check these traps daily.

Habitat Modification

Determining why skunks have chosen to hang around on your property will help us eliminate that attractant. Typically skunks are drawn to a location because of a food source. Once we determine what is drawing skunks to your property, we will modify the habitat to remove the food source. This will prevent skunks from returning in the future.


When skunks get onto your property, they often burrow under decks, porches, garages, or other structures. They also sometimes get into buildings if they can find an entry point. Our exclusion services will seal up these entry points to stop skunks from getting inside. Our exclusion work comes with a one-year warranty.


If skunks get inside a structure, they can contaminate it with their droppings. Our sanitation services clean and disinfect the affected areas, protecting you from illnesses.

Insulation Removal & Replacement

A skunk infestation can also damage your insulation. Not only does damaged insulation function improperly, but it can also be dangerous to the health of your family. If you have damaged insulation due to a skunk infestation, we’ll remove the affected areas and replace them with new insulation. 

We offer regular insulation replacement and TAP insulation replacement. TAP insulation is treated for pests, fire-retardant, eco-friendly, and more energy-efficient than traditional insulation.


Life Smells Sweet When Skunks Are Gone

If skunks are causing problems on your property, don’t try to take care of them on your own. Smith's Pest Management has the experience to eliminate your problem efficiently and safely. Our range of services will take care of your problem at its root so that you won’t need to worry about skunks returning. Contact us to learn more.


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