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Protecting Your San Francisco Bay Area Trees

When the trees on your San Francisco Bay Area property get sick, it can have devastating effects on your soil, lawn health, and pest defense. A sick tree will lead to imbalances in the nutrients in the soil, which can create much more conducive environments for the invasive pests in the Bay Area. 

Your trees may be one of the most essential parts of your property value and your curb appeal as well. Partnering with the professionals at Smith’s Pest Management is the best way to protect your property when you consider the wide variety of threats to our trees. Find out more about our tree protection packages below or give us a call today for a quote.


How It Works

tree leaves with disease

Our program entails monitoring trees for signs of fungal, bacterial, or insect pathogens including aphids and spider mites. We also monitor for signs of stress including decreased growth rate, thinning foliage, discolored or distorted growth, yellowing, black spots, and dripping sap. Distorted growth and dripping sap are two of the most common signs of an unhealthy tree (which can lead to an unhealthy lawn and pest problems). 

Upon discovery of stress issues, we may take tree tissue samples and soil samples to the lab to create custom solutions. We then treat for deficiencies in the soil using fertilizers and trace minerals. We may inject the tree with micronutrients, antibiotics, or other pest control solutions, but we do it so that it will not affect anything other than the tree or soil in question. Our intravenous treatments are injected right into the canopy without getting any overspray on your property.


The Professional Difference 

When you partner with the professionals, you get access to the highest quality products and the highest quality consultations provided by our Smith’s Pest Management tree experts. Our other tree protection measures include:

  • Pruning recommendations
  • Long-term treatment plans
  • Sudden oak death prevention
  • Bark beetle prevention
  • Oak worm/oak moth prevention treatments

So when is the best time for treatment? Any time a tree appears unhealthy. Typically this will occur in the winter, early spring, or late fall. However, you should always be on the lookout for sick-looking trees. If you see one, don’t wait for the problem to threaten your soil (or even your home). Partner with the professionals that can help save your trees with the expert touch. Give us a call today to schedule an inspection with one of our tree protection experts. 


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