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What's That Noise In Your Attic?

If you’ve been hearing scratching and scampering noises in your attic, walls, or ceilings, you probably realize that it’s a cause for concern. Something has moved into your house, and it’s not a good houseguest. Tree squirrels are a common problem for homeowners, and when they get inside, they’ll damage your home and expose your family to dangerous pathogens and parasites. Removing them can be tricky, but Smith's Pest Management makes it easy.


Tree Squirrel Control From Smith's Pest Management

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Removing the offending tree squirrels from your home is the first order of business when getting an infestation under control. We will set up humane live traps, then check them daily until we have removed all squirrels from your home. 

Habitat Modifications

Tree squirrels usually come to your house in search of food or shelter. We’ll make the necessary modifications to remove as many attractants as we can to discourage the tree squirrels from returning.


To keep tree squirrels out of your house, we must seal up the entry points they used to get inside. We offer exclusion services to do just that. This work requires an initial inspection and comes with a one-year warranty.


If tree squirrels get into your house, they are going to leave a mess behind. We’ll clean up the areas where they spent their time, removing droppings and sanitizing the affected areas. This ensures the health and safety of your family.

Insulation Removal & Replacement

Squirrels will often damage insulation during their time in your house, either with their excrement or as they dig into it to use as nesting material. We will remove the damaged insulation and replace it with either traditional or TAP insulation.


Keep Tree Squirrels Where They Belong

Tree squirrels can be fun to watch as they run from branch to branch in the trees around your house, but when they get inside, they can be incredibly destructive. Getting rid of an infestation as quickly as possible is important in protecting your home and family. With tree squirrel control services from Smith's Pest Management, your tree squirrel problem will be taken care of in no time. Contact us to schedule a service visit today.


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