Why Can't I Get These Mice Out Of My San Francisco Bay Area Home?

There is a simple reason. Mice don't want to get out of your San Francisco Bay area home. They like living with you— especially if the mice inside your home are house mice. Do you know that house mice like living in man-made structures so much that there are currently no known populations of wild mice (mus musculus) in the entire world? It's true. They either live inside man-made structures or outside in close proximity. This is the big reason why you can't seem to get rid of those mice. But it is far from the only reason. Here are a few more to consider.

mouse in kitchen

Mice Are Smart

As a curious creature, you would think it would be easy to catch a mouse. It sees a trap, gets curious, enters the trap, and that's it. Right? Nope. A mouse uses its curiosity to figure things out. If it has experienced a trap in its life, it learned some things. In a laboratory environment, mice figure things out surprisingly fast. While we can't tell you exactly how they'll outsmart you when you try to trap them, we can tell you that your chances of being outsmarted are high. 

Mice Have Powerful Senses

A mouse does not have good eyesight. It must rely on its other senses to navigate. These other senses are so acute that a mouse can move about in a pitch-black room as though the lights were turned on. This leads some people to think that they have night vision. What they really have is night smell, touch, and hearing. Here are some ways they can avoid your traps with their senses.

Smell — A mouse can smell you on a trap you've placed by hand. You have oils on your skin and these get on the traps if you don't use gloves during deployment. If a mouse smells you on a trap, it will avoid that trap.

Touch — A mouse will often travel along walls. They do this because they use the wall for navigation. Their whiskers are very sensitive and a mouse can move them around to get a "feel" for where they are. If you place traps in the middle of an open space, you're less likely to catch mice. Traps need to be placed near walls.

Hearing — Mice gravitate to secluded spaces within your home. While you can catch a mouse with a trap placed under the kitchen sink, you'll have more success with traps that are placed in attic spaces and other areas that are quieter and undisturbed.

Mice Like Seeds, Rice, and Nuts

If you imagine mice feeding on cheese and living in a little apartment inside your walls, you've got the wrong image in your mind. That's a cartoon mouse. Real mice don't prefer cheese. If you put cheese on a latch trap, not only can mice turn their noses up at it, but cheese is much easier to eat without tripping the trap. This could be why you're having trouble getting rid of mice. We recommend peanut butter.

Mice Have Strong Teeth

A mouse can chew through a board. Your weatherstipping and door sweeps are no match for a determined mouse. If you take the time to seal your exterior, it may not be enough to keep San Francisco mice out. Exclusions are important but they really need to be supported by some form of trapping program, especially if mouse pressures are high. You may also need to bolster vulnerable spots by applying sheet metal, wire mesh, or some other material that mice can't chew through.

You Don't Have To Do It Alone

There are many ways trapping can go wrong if you aren't experienced with trapping animals. It's also a lot of hard work. But you don't have to do that hard work if you reach out to Smith's Pest Management. We specialize in trapping, and our technicians have extensive experience with trapping a wide range of animals. We take care of gophers, voles, moles, mice, rats, and more.

Do you live in the San Francisco Bay area? Good news! You're in our service area. Reach out to Smith's Pest Management today and request a service visit. We'll come take a look at your mouse or wildlife control issue and guide you in finding the right solution for the specific conditions and vulnerabilities present. With Smith's Pest Management, you'll always get friendly, professional, and experienced advice for your pest control concerns. It pays to have a pest management company that specializes in the control and removal of animal pests. Jump on our Contact Us page and fill out the short form to get started.


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