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Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets

Ground-nesting yellow jackets will swarm anyone or anything that disturbs their hive. Lawn mowers, children’s toys, dogs playing fetch or anything else that inadvertently steps near a yellow jacket hive will cause the workers to swarm and attack by the hundreds. Their sting is painful, and each wasp can give a person multiple stings. Unlike honey bees, yellow jackets can sting repeatedly. Yellow jacket stings may cause dangerous allergic reactions in some people and a LOT of pain.

The mild winters in California mean yellow jackets are a year-round problem, but we get the most calls in late summer during our dry season. They can be a severe nuisance when you’re trying to eat outdoors as they enjoy many of the same foods we eat. If yellow jackets are causing problems around your home or business, reach out to Smith’s today.

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Our Yellow Jacket Control Process

When you have large numbers of yellow jackets hanging around your property, or they’ve nested in locations that can lead to dangerous interactions with people, it’s time to implement a yellow jacket control program.

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Inspect Property

Getting rid of yellow jackets involves locating their ground nests. Our licensed pest control technician will visit your property and find ground nests.

Destroy Wasp Nests

When we’re confident we’ve found the hives of your stinging pest problems, we’ll treat the ground nests with a material that eliminates yellow jackets inside their nest.  Smith’s apply pest control products according to the product’s label.

Apply Additional Yellow Jacket Treatments 

Next, we’ll apply treated bait around your property to get rid of yellow jackets that were not in the nest during the initial treatment. When yellow jackets consume the specially placed bait, they will be eliminated.


Annual Yellow Jacket Control 

Some properties deal with severe yellow jacket problems. You may get rid of the nests only to find a few weeks later you have a new colony of yellow jackets moving onto your property.

If this sounds familiar, Smith’s annual yellow jacket control program may be the ideal solution and includes the installation of bait stations, unlimited hive treatments, and year-round protection against these aggressive pests.

For even more protection and savings, you can combine yellow jacket control with other pest control services such as gopher control, mole control, rat control, and ground squirrel removal.


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